Audio Tour Stops

Stop 1 - Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau
Welcome to Ketchikan!  Community facts, rain gauge, & cruise ship industry.
Stop 2 -  Welcome Arch
Snap a photo at this landmark.  Arch’s history & info on Ketchikan’s largest weather barometer!
Stop 3 -  Post Office Substation
Drop off a post card and learn about Alaska’s version of the pony express and Ketchikan’s oldest theater.
Stop 4 -   St. John’s Episcopal Church
Built as Ketchikan’s first church in 1902, St. John’s history includes participation in local education and hospital services.
Stop 5 -  Whale Park and Chief Kyan Totem Pole
Learn the significance of our hanging flower baskets and touch the Chief Kyan Totem as it’s said to bring fortune to all those who touch it!
Stop 6 - Chief Johnson Totem Pole
Hear the legend of Fog Woman and how salmon first came to these waters!
Stop 7 -  Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council
Dive into to Ketchikan’s arts community getting the inside scoop on local festivals, events, and artists from those “in the know.”
Stop 8 -  KRBD-FM
Stop in and say hello to Ketchikan’s only public radio station!
Stop 9 - Tongass Historical Museum and Ketchikan Public Library
Learn about Ketchikan’s early female pioneers, how their library began with one portable bookshelf, and how their contributions to the community changed its landscape forever!
Stop 10 -  Grant Street Trestle
Learn about how Ketchikan’s early pioneers engineered over and around our rugged mountains.
Stop 11 - Water Warehouse and Creek Overlook
Get a feel for Ketchikan’s most prized resource as you watch the salmon make their way up the falls!
Stop 12 - Fish Ladder
Out with the now-illegal and highly lethal fish trap and in with the fish ladder and increased numbers of returning salmon!
Stop 13 -  Ketchikan Creek
Collecting drinking water from roof tops and ducks that only swim this creek on the 4th of July?
Stop 14 - Harris Street Bridge
Watch from the bridge on Ketchikan’s first suburban avenue for king and pink salmon!
Stop 15 -  Deer Mountain Tribal Hatchery and Eagle Center
View live salmon and trout smolt, and get up close and personal with indigenous birds including the bald eagle!
Stop 16 - City Park
Learn about how one man’s hobby became a gathering place for the community.  Get the “dirt” on Ketchikan’s sports teams, and find out about Ketchikan’s $20 million junior high.
Stop 17 -  Totem Heritage Center
Lear about what the Heritage Center is doing to preserve all native culture, not just totem poles.
Stop 18 - St. Elizabeth’s Church
Listen to stories of Ketchikan’s early pioneers and how they settled this hillside neighborhood.
Stop 19 -  Ketchikan Indian Community
Gain a better understanding of Ketchikan’s local native population, including a history of the three local tribes.
Stop 20 - Sun Raven Totem Pole
Listen to the story of Raven visiting the sun.  Find out about the problems that current totem pole artists are facing and how they are working to overcome them.
Stop 21 - Thomas Street
Take a walk out on the breakwater and get a flavor for the waterfront and the seamen who made it famous!
Stop 22 - Thomas Basin and Viewing Platform
Captain Ashton Waylon Thomas or Captain Walter Thomas?  You decide who is the rightful namesake!
Stop 23 - Stedman Street Bridge
Play ball?  Learn all about Ketchikan’s first baseball field, now buried 25 feet underwater!
Stop 24 - Creek Street
Not for the faint of heart!  Booze, women, and corrupt politicians were all part of a history that is gone but not forgotten!
Stop 25 - Dolly’s House
Find out how a young girl from Montana came to become the most notorious Madaam on Ketchikan Creek!
Stop 26 -  Footbridge
Find out how the term “customer service” has evolved on this block over time!
Stop 27 - Ketchikan Daily News
Get the “headline” on Ketchikan’s only daily newspaper and the skeleton buried in their basement!
Stop 28 - Edmonds Street
Your heart will start pounding just looking up its 127 stairs! Learn how these wooden stairways got street names and how they still serve the community that has grown up around them.
Stop 29 - Main and Dock Streets
Get a feel for the changes in our business district since its early days and what made Main Street such a popular place each winter.
Stop 30 - Ketchikan Fire Department
Meet Bill Mitchell, Ketchikan’s firebug and hear the story of how he was captured.
Stop 31 - Redman Lodge
Find out why the Redman creed was so appealing to early settlers.  Redman, Moose, Elks, Rotary – they’re all here!
Stop 32 - Burkhardt House
A standout among Ketchikan’s architecture, learn about this house’s specific history and all about the challenges that come with building in this rainy community!
Stop 33 -  Nob Hill Overlook
Ketchikan’s infamous “Bridge To Nowhere” and the breathtaking scenery from this city overlook!
Stop 34 - Eagle Park
History on our waterfront, including Ketchikan’s oldest hotel, the Gilmore, and the “Thundering Wings” carving.
Stop 35 – Tunnel
Providing access to New Town, this is the only tunnel in the world that can be driven through, around, and on top of.
Stop 36.  Harbor View Park
Kick your legs up and take in the waterfront as you learn about Ketchikan’s rich aviation history.
Stop 37 - Casey Moran Harbor/ City Float
Find out about the three types of fishing boats on the Ketchikan waterfront and how their catch makes its way from their boat to your table!