Audio Player Rental W/Tour
$ 15.00 per player
(Rental Includes Researched and Professionally Recorded Audio for 37 Historical Sites In The Downtown Ketchikan Area, protective case, neck lanyard, headphones, and audio player charger.)

Free Shipping On Orders of Two Or More Audio Players To The Same Address
$ 4.95 to US Address

Download the Tour
Downloading allows you and those sharing your music library to listen to the Tour on your personal audio player

$ 25.00 Click here to download the tour




Thank you for choosing Adventure Audio Tours. We are excited about your visit to Ketchikan and know you will enjoy our town and the audio tour. Prior to your departure for your cruise, we will ship you your audio player, headphones, and a charger to the address you specify below. Simply enjoy the tour (some of our customers even familiarize themselves with Ketchikan before their arrival) and drop off your audio player and equipment at our convenient downtown location before getting back on the cruise ship. It’s the easiest and most hassle-free way to enjoy all of the rich history and excitement that Ketchikan has to offer.

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